Why even superheroes need a Digital Detox

Why SUPERHEROES like you need a Digital Detox

A Digital Detox is a period of time during which a person refrains from using any tech devices like Mobile, Computer, TV, etc.

A Digital Detox is a period of time during which a person refrains from using any tech devices like Mobile, Computer, TV, etc.

Digital Detox literally means Detox from Technology. 

A Digital Detox offers an opportunity for people to invest their time in doing things like: spending time with family, practicing a hobby, reading books, exercising, spending time in nature, etc.

We need a Digital Detox from time to time to hit the reset button on our work pressure, social media life, and stress.

A Digital Detox will reconnect you with your inner self, will improve your mental and emotional health, and will also improve your relationships with your loved ones.

Reasons why you might need a Digital Detox

It is high time that we start practicing Digital Detox on a regular basis to reduce dependence on tech and hit the reset button occasionally. 

You should ideally do a Digital Detox if:

1. You find yourself craving to go online

Don't spend too much time on social media. Take a digital detox instead.

If you find yourself craving to go online to check social media, watch videos, or binge-watch movies, then you should understand that it is a signal that you are in need for a Digital Detox.

“You check your social media first thing in the morning after waking up or before sleeping at night, you find yourself unable to control yourself to use your phone while eating or while talking to someone, or you keep on thinking about what to post/ comment during the day.”

If this is you, then you must take a Digital Detox to distance yourself from tech.

2. You spend more than 2-3 hours on tech outside of work/ study

You need a Digital Detox if you spend more than 2 hours browsing social media, binge-watching, gaming outside of work/ study on a regular basis.

All these things are highly addictive. Prolonged and regular use of tech for these purposes not only lead to wastage of time but also hamper mental and physical health.

3. You go to social media to take a break from your problems

Do you go to social media when you encounter any problems to run away from them?

If you find yourself browsing social media whenever you are faced with challenges and problems, then you should take a Digital Detox.

Several people consider social media as their escape route from the realities of life. If you consider social media and wasting time being online as a source of comfort, then you should re-evaluate your priorities and take a strong stance on it.

If going online rids you of your problems, then it is a sign that going online is becoming a problem for you.

4. You browse online shopping sites during free time

Please do a detox from technology if you shop online when free

Several people browse e-commerce websites in their free time despite having no need to buy anything.

This is a very common issue and can be attributed to the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) which these e-commerce websites create by advertising about their sales and offers.

You should unsubscribe from their Email promotions and if still you find yourself browsing them, then you should consider deleting the apps from your phone and take a Digital Detox.

5. You are cutting down on sleep due to tech use

Do a detox from technology if  you are sacrificing sleep due to tech use

Late-night binge-watching, gaming, and browsing social media at the expense of sleep is not only an issue of being addicted to these platforms but also an issue related to a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, and negative impact on eyes.

You should strongly consider cutting back on tech time and even taking a Digital Detox tor reset your lifestyle for good.

6. You can’t spend your free time without being online

There are several instances where you are free and the only thinking that comes to your mind is going online. If you can’t spend your free time sitting idle, following a hobby or talking to people, then you should take a Digital Detox

You should try to resist the urge of going online.

7. You can’t sit for more than 1 hour without mobile phone/ computer

Can you control the urge to avoid social media for even 1 hour?

“You find yourself struggling to spend even 1 hour without your phone or computer.”
“You find that you have nothing to do apart from using tech on weekends.”
“You feel the urge to check your phone just 1 more time.”

If this is you, then you should strongly consider a Digital Detox.

8. You want to cut down your tech use, but can’t

You want to cut back on your habit of using tech but you find it hard to do so.”
“You feel that excessive use of tech is bad for you,
and still you use it too much outside of work and study.”
“If this resonates with you, then you should strongly consider practicing a Digital Detox.”

Social media, gaming, binge-watching can be as addictive as gambling, smoking and drinking, and can impact several areas of your life including your health and relationships.

9. Do you check your phone/ social media within 30 minutes of waking up

If you check your social media, post updates, and watch videos online: all this within 30 minutes of waking up then you should do a Digital Detox.

10. You watch movies/ videos while eating

Practice regular digital detox if you watch movies while eating regularly

Several people find themselves watching movies while eating.
Watching TV while eating can lead to overeating and improper chewing.
You must avoid doing this on a regular basis.

11. You are witnessing a fall in your productivity levels

The use of Technology in work has led to a rise in productivity levels. However, excessive use of tech outside of work promotes a sedentary lifestyle, bad posture, and puts a strain on the eyes.

One must refrain from excessive use of tech for non-work purposes and practice Digital Detox on a regular basis to hit the reset button.

12. You are experiencing strain in your eyes

take a digital detox if your eyes are strained

Staring at screens for long durations on a regular basis can put a strain on the eyes.
Even if you are using tech for productive reasons, you need to take a break from it to relax your eyes.

One of the temporary ways to reduce the eye strain and cure puffiness around eyes is to put cold cucumber slices on the eyes.

However, this is not a sustainable long term option and therefore you need to take occasional breaks from tech to recover.

13. Your friends and family always complaint that you are spending too much time on the phone

Are you someone who is often told by friends and family that you spend too much of your time on the phone?

If yes, then you must take action and reduce your phone time. You should also consider Digital Detox 1 hour after waking up in the morning and 1 hour before sleeping at night.

14. Social media causes you anxiety

Take a digital detox to cure the issue of social media anxiety

You should prioritize Digital Detox if you feel anxiety and FOMO from using social media. If you cannot live without posting food stories, fancy pictures, and updating status, then you should take a Digital Detox, or at least detox from social media.

15. You’ve lost touch with your hobbies due to too much tech use

Have you lost touch with your hobbies?

Do you feel that you are not as good at doing things (outside of work) as you used to be?

If the answer to above questions is yes, and the reason is excessive use of tech, then you should do a Digital Detox.

16. You feel the need to take a break

If you feel like taking a break from your daily life, then do so.
If you have time in hand and money to spend, then you should go for a Wellness Vacation
If you are short on time or don’t feel like spending money on a Wellness vacation, then you must try Digital Detox.

17. You don’t get proper sleep

You don't get proper sleep at night due to excessive tech use.

If you find it hard to get proper sleep, then you must do a Digital Detox.

Using tech despite being sleep deprived is a common issue. You should avoid late-night gaming, social media, and binge-watching. 

You should also ensure that you have sufficient lighting in the room while using tech to minimize the negative impact on the eyes.

18. You are losing track of your friend and family

Several times we get so engrossed in our tech life that we barely keep track of what our friends and family are up-to.

This can not only jeopardize your relationships, but will also make you less approachable in case of emergencies.

You must reduce your tech time in such cases, mostly cutting tech time across things like social media, movies, etc.


Technology exists to ease Human Lives.

It should stay that way only.

We should make sure that we use tech in limited uses and practice Digital Detox on a regular basis to keep a check on tech addiction as well as our Mental and Emotional health.

Remember: Everything is good if used within limits.

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