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Ultimate Guide to Improving Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

Our health is very important to us and we can do almost anything to ensure that we stay in proper health. Several people spend huge sums of money just to ensure that their health remains in the proper state.

If you are wondering about how to improve your health without investing large sums of money, then you are at the right place because this article talks about some of the best ways through which you can improve your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health without spending large sums of money.

Ways to Improve Physical Health

1. Exercise Daily

A man at the gym lifting weights to improve physical health.

Doing full-body stretching daily will promote body flexibility, blood flow, and reduce chances of injury.

You should also do some type of strength workout to improve muscle strength and density. You can join a fitness center/ gym, set up a gym at home, or do bodyweight exercises at home.

Beginners workout at Gym (3 days per week for 6 weeks)

You can follow the following training routine if you join a Gym:
– Workout 1: Back + Biceps
– Workout 2: Chest + Triceps
– Workout 3: Legs + Shoulders.

You may wish to take a rest on other days or do cardio and core training. You can also ask your gym trainer for a workout routine based on your fat percentage and injury history.

Body weight training at Home

Full body workouts can help you in improving your Physical Health and Wellness.
  1. Full-Body Stretching
  2. Rope Skipping/ Jumping: 3-5 Sets, 100 repetitions
  3. Push-Ups: 3 Sets, 10-15 repetitions 
  4. Squats: 3 Sets, 10-15 repetitions
  5. Lunges: 3 sets, 10-15 repetitions, each leg
  6. Plank: 60 seconds, 2-3 reps
  7. Side Plank: 30 seconds, 2 reps each side
  8. Basic Stretching

These exercises are very basic and you can find the tutorials for them on youtube. While doing these exercises, make sure that you wear sports shoes.

2. Drink Green Tea

A cup of green tea kept on a table in the morning.

Prefer green tea over your normal tea and coffee. Green tea contains Bioactive Compounds that improve health. Also, green tea doesn’t require any sugar and hence it helps you in keeping your sugar intake in check.

3. Drink Warm Water with lemon

Drinking Warm water with lemon and honey is good for Physical health.

Drinking warm water early in the morning improves health. Warm water with lemon removes toxins from your body, improves metabolism, improves digestion, and prevents constipation.

The first glass of water which you drink early morning should be warm with lemon mixed in it. 

Drink at least 7-8 glasses (3 liters) of water daily. You should set reminders if you forget to drink water at regular intervals.

4. Consume Green Vegetables + Fruits

Consuming fruits and vegetables will definitely improve your Physical health.

You should Have 1-2 cups of vegetables and at least 1 fruit daily to improve your health. Vegetables and fruits are the best sources of minerals and natural sugar.

5. Cut down Sugar and Salt consumption

A jar of White Sugar and Common Salt kept on a table.

All of us are being cheated by the beverage and packaged food companies which sell sugar water and salt-infused snacks in the guise of “happiness.”

Sugar is worse than tobacco and should be avoided at all costs. You can have sugar in the form of fruits but not in the form of sodas and packed juices. Salt causes water gain and increases blood pressure.

6. Cut down on your fast food consumption

A burger, French fries, and dips kept on a table at a restaurant.

I don’t know whether you are aware or not, but fast food is America’s worst enemy. It causes obesity, Diabetes, Cardiac issues, and other severe complications. Fast food is full of Salt, Sugar, and preservatives.

Always have something healthy to eat at home to avoid eating fast food and packaged foods. Eat nuts, dry fruits, and fruits – instead of chips and burgers. Carry some nuts and fruits to your office daily so that you can have them whenever you feel hungry, and not binge on fast food.

7. Wear blue light blocking spectacles.

Blue light blocking spectacles kept on table.

Blue light blocking lenses can reduce the negative impact of light from computer and phone screens. These lenses are highly recommended to people who work in IT, Finance, or any work profile which involves staring at the screen for long durations.

You can opt for blue light blocking screen guards for laptops and phones in case you are uncomfortable with wearing spectacles.

8. Walk 5k steps daily

Walking 5000 steps daily can be very helpful for your to improve your physical health.

Add walking 5K steps to the list of your daily goals since walking not only promotes better health but also helps to burn off some extra calories.

9. Don’t smoke and drink in moderation

Smoking can worsen your physical health.

You should never smoke. I’ve heard people say that they smoke to reduce stress. That’s completely illogical and unscientific. You should cut down on alcohol consumption.

Drinking at parties in moderation is fine, but consuming alcohol to suppress stress and work pressure can severely impact your health.

10. Wash Hands frequently

A man washing hands to improve physical health.

You should wash your hands multiple times during the day to keep yourself protected from any viruses or germs.

11. Wash fruits and vegetables before eating

Farmers and grocery shops these days use chemicals to increase the shelf life and shine of fruits and vegetables. Therefore you must wash fruits and vegetables with warm water (or with grocery washing liquids) before consuming them to avoid consuming any harmful chemicals.

12. Maintain Work-Life Balance

A man with work-life balance walking at the beach with family.

Work-Life balance is the equilibrium that ideally should exist between the time dedicated towards work and the time dedicated towards your family and for yourself.

Having a proper work-life balance not only ensures happiness and family time, but also allows people to focus on their hobbies, side hustles, and health.

13. Eat just fruits and vegetables once every 2 weeks

Eating just fruits and vegetables once every 2 weeks will help you in flushing all the toxins from your body and will also give an amazing glow to your skin. Coupling this with drinking warm water for the entire day will be even more beneficial.

14. Avoid drinking chilled water

A glass of chilled water kept on table.

Drinking chilled water can contract your blood vessels and reduce the effectiveness of your digestive system due to a mismatch in the body temperature and water temperature. You must drink normal temperature water or warm water to avoid any sudden changes in your body temperature.

15. Don’t google symptoms of diseases

A man googling blogs.

You should never google the symptoms of any disease which you are facing. Every time I google coughing, Dr. Google tells me that I have Cancer or some more scary disease. It is better to consult a doctor than to rely on google for diagnosing and curing your diseases.

16. Take stairs till the 5th floor

An employee walking till the 5th floor of office.

You should take stairs instead of elevators till the 5th floor to burn off some extra calories and improve your stamina. You must take stairs on a regular basis if you don’t participate in any fitness activities.

17. Don’t sit for more than 60-90 minutes in one go

A woman taking a break after sitting for 90 minutes in one go.

Don’t sit for more than 60-90 minutes in one go. You should take 5-10 minute breaks after every~90 minutes of sitting.  Sitting for long can reduce your lifespan and increase the chances of heath attack and diabetes.

Physical health can be improved by doing several things, but just following the above-mentioned things will make it super easy for you to improve your health.

Ways to Improve Mental and Emotional Health

Whenever someone talks about health, it is usually implied that they are talking about Physical health. However, health also includes mental and emotional health.

Mental and emotional health has been ignored for a long time, but they are as important as your physical health. It is only recently that mental and emotional health has been given attention, mostly by organizations while hiring people.

Some universities also evaluate a person’s mental and emotional health through interviews before selecting them for their programs. You can improve/ strengthen your Mental and Emotional health by practicing the following tips:

1. Stress Management

A stress woman sitting on a chair.

Everyone is stressed about something or the other, but some people are more stressed than others. Stress can seriously hamper your mental health and eventually your physical health. There are several ways to manage stress like avoiding toxic relationships and friendships, practicing meditation, taking only that much work responsibility that you can handle, and visiting a counselor. 

You should never drink or smoke just because you are stressed or burdened.

2. Daily Meditation

A man meditating in the morning to improve mental and emotional health.

Meditation not only helps in managing stress but also helps in managing emotions and thoughts. It doesn’t matter whether you suffer from stress, anxiety, or have a hard time managing your thoughts, you should meditate daily to experience personal growth.

Everyone should meditate daily for at least 10 minutes twice: once in the morning and once before sleeping at night.

3. 7 Hour Sleep 

A person waking up after 7 hours of sleep in the morning.

Sleeping for 7 hours daily ensures that all growth and repair functions in your body are carried out properly. Cutting down on sleep can hamper your productivity and mood.

You should invest in good sleep products like comfortable mattresses and pillows, and try waking up before 7:00 am daily. 

4. Avoid toxic people

Avoid socialising with Toxic people to improve mental and emotional health.

Only you have the key to your happiness. Don’t let anyone’s bad behavior and attitude impact your mental and emotional health.

Surround yourself with good and positive people who contribute to your growth rather than your destruction.

5. Laugh more

Laugh more to improve your mental and emotional health and reduce stress.

Watch comedy movies, standup comedies, and interact with funny people.

Laughing improves your mental health and makes you happy.

However, if you have a tendency to laugh for no reason, then you should visit a doctor ASAP!

6. “Stop” watching motivational videos

Watching too many motivational videos can break your efforts.

Motivational videos always sugarcoat the way to success and force people to have unrealistic expectations from themselves. Not achieving desired results despite following all the steps highlighted in the videos can demotivate people.

It is better to ask for guidance from some experienced person, rather than some motivational speaker.

7. Don’t isolate yourself socially

A man isolating himself socially and worsening his mental health.

Isolating yourself socially can lead to depression and sadness. Social isolation can also lead to a fall in one’s self-esteem. Many people isolate themselves and keep away from social interaction when they fear public embarrassment. You must try to be social and be a part of a group that meets regularly to hang out.

8. Spend 15 minutes daily in sunlight

A person spending 15 minutes in sunlight in the morning.

Spending 15 minutes daily in sunlight in the early mornings can help you with the mood and energy boost which can keep you going all day with enthusiasm and focus.

9. Practice Digital Detox

You must refrain from using any tech devices 1 hour after waking up in the morning and 1 hour before sleeping at night.
Digital Detox not only helps in improving your mood and brings happiness but also improves the sleep cycle, reduces anxiety, and gives rest to your eyes. If possible, you should practice longer digital detoxes for the entire day on weekends to take advantage of the various benefits which this activity has to offer.

Mental and emotional health have now started getting the due importance and are now considered at par with physical health. It is important for you to consider your emotional and mental health as very essential and should always seek help when you need it. There is no social stigma attached to being mentally ill these days.


You should take proper care of your “Mind, Body, and Spirit” by following the above-mentioned tips.

You can start out the journey towards improving your Health and Wellness by following the first 5 tips in each section and then slowly accommodate the other ones in your routine eventually.

Now that you know about top ways to improve health, go and try out these tips for a month and check if they’ve made a difference to your life.

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