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Improve Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health in 30 days

A majority of people relate Health to Physical Health.

However, trends are changing.

Health is now more than just Physical Health. The term “Health” has started to include mental and emotional health as well.

Organisation previously used to assess their employees on their physical health. However, now they’ve started paying equal attention to employee’s Mental and Emotional Health as well. Therefore it becomes imperative for all of us to not just focus on building a stronger core but also to build a resilient emotional and mental system in our bodies. Companies have started organizing in-house meditation classes and employee counseling sessions. They also assess potential employees on grounds of their emotional quotient before hiring them.

This article highlights all the things which you should do to improve your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health without stressing yourself out in 30 days.

Things to do to improve Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

It is very difficult to decide between the things which you must do to improve Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health. While there are abundant resources available online, it is better that you go ahead with the most basic activities. It is always easier to go from easy to difficult than to directly jump over to difficult activities.

Given that most people don’t have much time on a daily basis, the activities highlighted in this article are super easy to follow and don’t take up much time to complete.

Following the activities mentioned in this article will rather save you a lot of time.

1. Wake up early

A man waking up early in the morning to improve health

You must wake up early on a regular basis. Waking up early frees up time which can be invested in activities like working out, meditating, and spending time with family.

You must wake up before 7 am on a daily basis. Waking up at 4 am or 5 am is even better.

2. Don’t check the phone immediately

Don't check your mobile phone right after waking up in the morning.

You should not check your phone right after waking up in the morning. You must practice at least a 30-minute digital detox after waking up.

3. Drink warm water with lemon

Warm water with lemon and honey kept on a table.

After waking up, the first thing you have to do is to drink warm water with lemon and honey to remove the toxins from the body.

This drink will also cleanse your gut and avoid constipation.

4. Meditate, Stretch, Workout

A group of people working out together to improve their health in 30 days.

Once you are done with the morning routine, then you have to engage in:

A 15-minute meditation coupled with a 45-minute workout is sufficient to energize you for the entire day.

You can join a fitness center or you can work out at home.

It is a proven fact that working out and meditation improve your mood and makes you feel good about yourself.

5. Eat protein-packed breakfast

A protein packed breakfast kept on table.

You must eat a protein-packed breakfast post working out. This can be both a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian-breakfast. You can drink a protein shake or smoothie as well.

6. At work/ College

  • Take the stairs: You should take the stairs till the 5th floor. This will help you in working out your legs, improve your stamina, and help you in burning some calories.
  • Stretch: You should do some stretching at the workplace as well since it will help you in avoiding muscle fatigue and improve your posture.
  • Stand: You should not sit for more than 90-120 minutes in one go. You should take small breaks in between or use standing desks to work.
  • Blue light blocking goggles: You should wear blue light blocking spectacles to protect your eyes from the harmful lights coming from your computer screen.
  • Warm water: You should drink warm water during the day at the office and strictly avoid drinking cold water.
  • Avoid drinking coffee: If you feel tired during the day, then you should either drink green tea or fresh fruit juice, or lime water. You must avoid drinking coffee or energy drinks.
  • Avoid fast food:  It is natural to feel hungry at work or college. Instead of bingeing on unhealthy snacks and fast food, you should eat dry fruits, salad, or fruits.
    You can carry a banana or an apple to the office to avoid any mid-day bingeing on packed snacks.
  • Interact: You should interact with your colleagues and new people while at the office to increase your network and social group.
    Interacting with people while working under stress can help you in keeping things together and reducing stress.

7. After coming back to home

  • Avoid watching the news: You should avoid watching any news after coming back to home since most news channels give preference to negative stories over positive stories.
    You can spend time with your family and friends, follow a hobby, go jogging or watch a movie. It is important that you avoid watching the news. Read a newspaper instead.

  • Reduce alcohol consumption and quit smoking: You should now drink alcohol to suppress stress or work pressure. You should also quit smoking as well.

8. Before sleeping

Read books daily to improve mind and fall asleep easily

Before going to bed, you should ensure that you:

  • Meditate for at least 10 minutes
  • Read a book instead of using any tech 1 hour before sleeping

This will ensure better sleep at night.


If you follow even half of the tips mentioned in this article for 30 days, you will witness a big change in your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health.

Certain external factors like work, environment, politics, family, etc can impact your Physical, Emotional, and Mental Health, but you can still have a major influence over your Health if you adhere to the above-mentioned tips.

It is all about discipline. 

All that you need to do in order to achieve something or be good at something is to follow a disciplined and planned approach.

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