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The Ultimate Guide to hosting an At-Home Retreat

Wellness Retreats are one of the best ways to De-stress and Rejuvenate. Going to a Wellness Retreat not only gives a much-needed break from the daily hassles of life, but it also improves Health and Wellness.

However, going for a Wellness Retreat might prove to be a hectic task due to all the planning, packing, and traveling involved in it. These retreats are also super expensive in most cases and therefore it doesn’t make sense for many people to visit a Wellness Retreat more than once a year.

One of the ways to get around with all the inconvenience associated with visiting a Wellness Retreat like planning, packing, cost, and traveling is to host an At-Home Retreat.

You’ll not only save time and cost associated with bookings and traveling but will also have lots of flexibility in terms of doing whatever you want with no age restrictions. (Many Wellness Retreats don’t allow children)

If you are someone who runs on a tight schedule or is not interested in spending money on Wellness Retreats then you can go ahead with hosting an At-Home Retreat.

Benefits of an At-home Retreat

At-home Retreats are highly helpful, especially for people who don’t wish to spend the time and money required to go on an actual Wellness Retreat. The several advantages of At-Home Retreats are

1. Save Cost and Efforts

A person saving money to visit a Wellness retreat.

One of the biggest benefits associated with hosting an At-Home Retreat is that it saves a lot of money. You get to save money associated with Travelling, Retreat bookings, and activity payments at retreats.

An At-Home retreat is also less effort-consuming compared to the efforts required to go for a Wellness Retreat since you have to put effort into planning, packing, and traveling.

2. Spend Time with family

A man spending time with family during an At-Home Retreat.

Having an At-Home Retreat allows you to spend time with your family. This is especially the case when you have kids below the age of 15 because many retreats don’t allow kids inside their properties. 

At-Home Retreats are usually adopted by families in which both parents are working and where they don’t get much time to catch up with each other. Even students can have an At-home retreat to shed off the stress and work pressure occasionally.

3. Flexibility

At home retreats give you the flexibility to decide on the schedule and activities.

Hosting an At-Home Retreat offers you the flexibility to do anything you want. You can read a book, meditate, exercise or sleep at your own time, without following a stringent timetable like the ones followed at Retreats.

4. No Travel

Save travel time and cost by hosting an at home retreat.

The biggest benefit associated with At-Home Retreats is that there is not much travel required.
Traveling itself can cause a lot of inconveniences especially while returning from the retreat.

Pre-planning for an At-Home Retreat

Planning an At-Home Retreat requires you to plan and buy a couple of things to ensure that you get an actual Retreat experience at Home.

The following things are to be done for hosting an At-Home Retreat:

1. Buy Scented candles

Scented candles lit in the room during  At-home Wellness Retreat.

One of the most important things to buy for an At-Home De-stress and Rejuvenation Retreat is scented candles. These candles help in calming the nerves, relaxing the mind, and even promote sleep. You can light up these candles while meditation, sleeping, or while taking a bath.

2. Buy Fruits and vegetables

Different varieties of Fruits and Vegetables kept on a table at home.

An At-Home retreat requires you to follow a strictly healthy vegetarian diet. You must buy a variety of fruits and vegetables before the Retreat. 

Fruits and vegetables not only provide minerals and nutrients but also help you in keeping your tummy full, thereby preventing you from bingeing on unhealthy snacks.

3. Buy a Manicure-Pedicure Kit

Buy a Manicure and Pedicure Kit for your At-home retreat.

A Retreat is supposed to promote self-care. Therefore you must also focus on your skin health during an At-Home Retreat.

You should buy a good Manicure-Pedicure Kit which you can use during the retreat. Using a good body scrub along with a session of Manicure and Pedicure will help you in rejuvenating your skin.

You can play slow and calm music and light scented candles while taking a bath and doing a manicure and pedicure. In case you don’t want to have a Manicure and Pedicure, you can go ahead with a Bubble bath or just a hot shower.

4. Notify people that your are hosting an At-home Retreat

A person messaging people about his At-Home Retreat.

You should notify all the people who regularly call you or visit your home that you’ll be unavailable for the period. 

This will ensure you an undisturbed and un-intrusive Home Retreat.

5. Don’t plan important calls/ meetings during the At-home Retreat

Don't plan important calls during at home retreat.

Don’t plan any important calls and meetings during your At-Home Retreat since this can cause stress in case you are supposed to prepare for the call or you are required to do some work post the meeting/ call.

6. Decide on the schedule/ structure of the At-home Retreat

A woman creating a schedule for her At-Home Retreat.

Pre-decide the structure or the schedule of the Retreat. Plan out the things which you’ll do during the retreat so that you don’t waste time on the Retreat day planning out the things.

Read further to know various things that you can do during an At-Home Retreat.

If you plan on getting a Massage or therapy, then make sure that you fix an appointment at a Spa or you book a masseuse to visit your home. 

7. Plan your meals for the At-home Retreat

A woman preparing meals for her Wellness Retreat at Home.

You should also plan the meals which you’ll eat during the Retreat to avoid decision fatigue during the retreat.
Prefer home-cooked vegetarian food at least during the retreat.

You should also avoid consuming fast food, too much sugar, salt, and alcohol during the retreat period to cleanse your body.

Things which you can during an At-Home Retreat

There are a lot of things which you can do during a retreat at home: 

  1. Read a book
  2. Workout
  3. Do Yoga
  4. Meditate (You can follow guided meditation)
  5. Sleep/ Rest
  6. Get a Massage (Book a session at a spa or call a masseuse at home)
  7. Listen to Mindfulness talks
  8. Go for a walk in the woods/ park
  9. Digital Detox
  10. Listen to calm music
  11. Bake
  12. Paint
  13. Cook your favorite meal
  14. Spend time with family
  15. Pamper yourself: Rejuvenate your skin

Here is a list of things you must do during an At-Home Retreat

  1. Wake up early
  2. Digital Detox
  3. Workout and Meditate
  4. Follow a vegetarian diet
  5. Drink warm water with lemon after waking up.

Outcomes to expect from an At-Home Retreat

At-home Retreats will not only give you a much-needed break, but also improve your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health.

1. De-Stress and Rejuvenation

A woman de-stressing and rejuvenating during her At-Home Retreat.

All the activities in an At-Home Retreat are focused on reducing stress and rejuvenating mind, body, and spirit.

At-home Retreat offers amazing opportunities for busy people to re-energize and recover from their day-to-day hassles.

2. Better mood

At home retreats are highly effective in lifting up mood.

Practicing At-Home Retreat on a regular basis (once every month) will help in uplifting your mood and improve your mental and emotional health.

You can also consider an At-home Retreat as a mood reset practice.

3. Improved fitness

A man working out during his Wellness Retreat at Home.

Working out coupled with a massage session will promote your physical health.

You can also spend the retreat time while working on a Yoga pose or lifting weights at home.

4. Improved sleep quality

A woman catching up on her sleep during At-Home Retreat.

Activities done during an At-Home Retreat like exercise, body massage, hot shower, Digital Detox will help in promoting sleep quality.

You should also avoid using any tech devices or browsing e-commerce or social media sites during the retreat period to promote sleep quality.

5. Improved productivity and Creativity

Improved productivity and creativity are the results of at-home retreats.

Sometimes taking a break from a particular activity can improve your performance in that activity. We tend to make several mistakes when in a panic mode or while working under stress. Therefore taking a break from those activities will improve your performance and even increase your productivity and creativity.

You can also engage in creative activities like music, painting, and crafts during the At-home Retreat

6. Improved mental and emotional health

At home retreats improve your mental and emotional health.

Meditating, taking time to analyze your thoughts and actions, and listening to calm music can reduce decision fatigue, improve mood, make you happy and therefore promote mental and emotional health.

7. Strong Immune System

When you practice an At-Home Retreat on a regular basis, then you are set to experience an improvement in your immune system.

Exercising coupled with eating healthy food will flush out the toxins from your body and make it stronger.

8. Longevity

An old lady happily cheering at home during her At-Home Retreat.

Most of the things which you are supposed to do during an At-Home Retreat are also the ones that lead to Longevity.

By following the above-mentioned activities you can not only reduce your health bills but also increase your life span and healthspan.


We’ve lost our original selves in the daily hassles of life: traveling, working, studying, etc. It is high time that we reconnect with our original selves and get back to the ways we are supposed to live.

One of the best ways to do that in a cost-effective and time-effective manner is to practice At-Home Wellness Retreats. It is a super simple and easy exercise that can improve your performance at work/ studies, improve your productivity and creativity, and make you happy. All in all, an At-Home Retreat helps in improving the state of Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

All the best to you for your At-Home Retreat.

Stay healthy! Stay Happy! Stay Fit!

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