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10 must-have health and wellness accessories

There are several things which we can buy to improve our health and wellness.

Every day, hundreds of products are put up for sale by several companies across the globe which claim to improve our health and wellness. While most of these products are cosmetics and medicines, there exist several other products as well which when set up at home or office can improve our health and wellness.

These accessories supplement our efforts to improve our health and wellness. This article highlights the most important Health and wellness accessories which all of us must have at home and office. Most of these accessories are cheap and can be bought without spending more than $10-15 on each of them.

Top 10 health and wellness accessories to have at home/ office:

1. Acupressure balls

Accupressure balls are a must have health and wellness accessory

Acupressure balls are special types of balls which help in increasing blood circulation and stimulation of the nervous system. 

These balls can prove to be super helpful in relieving muscle pain and stiffness. All that you have to do is hold the ball in your arms with a tight grip for around 3-5 minutes.

You can use these acupressure balls while traveling, while reading, or even while sitting in your office/ classroom.

There are other alternatives to the acupressure balls as well like acupressure slippers and acupressure tiles (which can be installed in a particular area of your house or parks).

2. Yoga Mat

Yoga mat is very useful to improve health, fitness, and wellness

The yoga mat is one of the best health and wellness accessories that you can have at home. These mats can be used while exercising, meditating, and doing yoga. Yoga mats can also be one of the best gifts which you can give to your loved ones.

These mats help in ensuring that you don’t slip while working out and that you get a cushioned surface while doing exercises that involve jumping.

Yoga mats can nudge people to workout or engage in physical activities on a regular basis.

3. Air Filter

All houses must have an air filter in their living rooms to purify the air.

Air filters are electronics that help in cleaning the air contaminants and trap viruses and bacterias. These filters have become very popular these days on the back of rising pollution in cities across the globe.

Companies should invest in installing Air Purifiers at offices and people should install them at their homes.

While this equipment has an upfront investment requirement of more than $100, I think that such investment should not be considered as an investment in electronics, rather it should be considered as an investment in your health. 

Investing in such equipment will help in purifying the air around you and reduce the allergens, bacterias, and viruses.

4. Blue light reflecting glasses

Blue light reflecting sunglasses prevent the blue light from harming your eyes.

All of us are getting accustomed to using technology on a regular basis. This involves us staring at screens for a long time. The blue light from the screens of smartphones, computers, and TVs can harm your sleep patterns and strain your eyes.

One of the best ways to avoid the negative impacts of the blue light is to reduce the time we spend staring at screens. If that is not an option then you can buy blue light reflecting spectacles.

If you already wear spectacles then you can replace your lenses with the blue light reflecting lenses. If you don’t wear spectacles then you can go buy orange spectacles which reflect the blue light. You can also invest in some high-quality screen guards for mobile phones and laptop screens.

These days, most of the gadgets have a blue light filter option and the night mode option. You should always keep these modes turned on.

5. Green tea

Green tea improves our brain functioning and increases the life span.

Green Tea is one of the best beverages which a person should drink on a regular basis. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients and it improves brain functioning and promotes fat loss. 

You must always carry green-tea bags while traveling and keep green tea at home and in the office. Green Tea should be preferred over the normal tea and coffee which most people consume on a regular basis.

6. Sports shoes

You must wear sports shoes while working out

You must always have a pair of sports shoes at home. While 1 pair is sufficient, it is advisable to have 2 pairs of sports shoes which you: One pair can be used indoors while working out at home or gym and the other pair can be used for outdoors like going for walk or while traveling.

One must invest in good quality sports shoes since they can reduce the chances of any leg injury which might arise while exercising or engaging in other types of physical activities.

7. Fitness Band

Fitness bands are an important health and wellness accessory since it helps in tracking steps, calories burnt, etc.

One must invest in buying good quality fitness bands. These bands help in keeping track of your steps, calories burned, sleep cycle, and heart rate.

While there are several advanced fitness bands in the market, I’d recommend that you buy the basic version to track the number of steps and calories burned.

Several times the fitness bands don’t give out accurate results, however, they are still helpful in getting a crude estimate of your daily physical activities.

These bands especially come in handy when you have a daily step target of walking/ running distance targets.

8. Ergonomic furniture

Prefer ergonomic furniture at home and workplace since it helps in improving posture and blood flow in body.

Whether you are a student or a working professional, having ergonomic furniture at home/ office is a must since ergonomic furniture promotes good body posture, and reduces the chances of muscle fatigue and pain.

Many of us end up wasting several minutes daily on account of reduced efficiency due to body pain. Ergonomic furniture is not only good for the health of our body, but also for the overall working efficiency.

9. Desk plants

Having desk plants at home and office can cheer you up and improve productivity

Placing plants at the office desk or at home can help you in lightning up your mood and improving productivity. These plants can also serve as a means of decorating the interior of your house or office.

These days several companies have started indoor planting in their offices. Having small plants in the office/ home is low maintenance and an inexpensive way to clean air, lighten the mood of employees, and make the indoor more attractive.

10. Standing desks

Standing desks are a very important health and fitness accessory to have at home and office

Many people spend most of their working hours sitting on a chair. Several studies show that sitting can seriously shorten your life and increase the chances of heart attacks. Therefore one must resort to using standing desks at home or at the office while working.

Standing will not only burn off more calories but also reduce the chances of you experiencing serious health issues. In case your office/ home doesn’t have any standing desks available, you must arrange a small stand or stool on which you can keep your laptop. 


The above article mentioned the top 10 wellness accessories and equipment which everyone should use. Most of these accessories can be purchased for less than $15. I suggest that you all must invest in these accessories to improve your health and wellness. Most of the health and wellness accessories mentioned in this article serve as nudge so that you can adopt a more healthy lifestyle.

Investing in these accessories and following a healthy lifestyle will not only improve your health and wellness but also give you a very high Return on Investment (ROI) in terms of low healthcare costs.

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