Ultimate Guide to practicing Digital Detox by Wellness Yoda

Digital Detox: An Ultimate Guide

We are living in the age of technology. We are always surrounded by gadgets, no matter where we go. This has led to an un-ending addiction to the use of technology in almost every sphere of life.
We shop online, we order food online, we connect with loved ones online, and even study online. This has led to an addiction to the use of mobile phones and laptops which is getting very serious day by day.

This addiction to technology has some very negative consequences on our lives like social media causing anxiety and depression, online shopping websites leading to overspending and purchase of unnecessary items, etc.

It is high time that we do something to solve this issue. While we surely can’t remove technology altogether from our lives, we can take breaks from it on a regular basis to get back to the real ways in which we shall be leading our lives.

We can practice Digital Detox from time to time to get back to our original selves and experience some “me time” and “family time”. Taking a break from daily hassles not only improves mood but also improves productivity and mental health

What is a Digital Detox?

Digital Detox literally means detox from technology. During a digital Detox, a person refrains from using technology and invests the time in doing things like: spending time with family, practicing a hobby, exercising, spending time in nature, etc.

Initially, it gets difficult to avoid technology use, but as you progress and spend more time in Digital Detox, you will actually start liking it. 

A Digital Detox will make you reconnect with your inner self, will improve your mental and emotional health, and will also improve your relationships with your loved ones.

Ideally, you must practice Digital Detox on a daily basis, however, if you have long working hours then you can choose to practice the Detox on Weekends.

Benefits of doing a Digital Detox

Digital Detox helps in improving Health, Fitness, and Wellness if followed properly. 

It is very important for you to practice digital Detox because it is high time that you reduce technology time and get back to living life in the ways which you are supposed to.

1. Reduces anxiety and depression

Digital Detox can cheer your up and raise your happiness.

A lot of times we don’t get the desired results through posting on Social Media. Sometimes, we spend hours and hours just exploring people’s social media accounts and stalking them.

This can make us feel bad if other people’s lives are going better than ours and can cause anxiety or worse: depression.

Social media can cause an inferiority complex as well by making people feel bad about their current state when they compare their lives with the picture-perfect lives of Instagram celebrities.

Therefore Digital Detox will help you in cutting down on this extra unwarranted anxiety and depression.

2. Reduces Insomnia

Digital Detox will help you in improving your sleep quality.

The use of technology just before going to bed can cause Insomnia since the blue light emitted from Mobile, TV, or Laptop screen can suppress your sleep hormone.

Exercising, practicing a hobby, or spending time in nature also helps in improving sleep quality.

3. Calms your nerves

Digital Detox calm your nerves and makes you stress free.

Digital Detox will help you in calming your nerves. Spending time in nature and with your family will make you happy and this can help you in suppressing bad thoughts and emotions. 

This will also help you in creating some amazing memories to which you can go back to in case of a bad phase of life.

4. Increases productivity and efficiency

Practice Digital Detox to re-gain your productivity and efficiency.

One of the best ways to improve productivity and efficiency in doing something is to actually take a break from doing that thing.

Digital Detox can improve your creativity and help you in doing things in a more efficient manner. We sometimes take a lot of time to do things when we are stressed and in a panic mode. Simply taking a break from those things will make you do those things in a better and efficient manner.

5. Improves physical fitness

Digital detox can improve your physical fitness.

You can spend the time during Digital Detox to focus on improving physical Fitness. You can go to a fitness studio for a workout, go for a run or go for a trek/ hike. 

There are several things that you can do while in a Digital Detox to improve your Physical Health.

6. Improves Work-Life Balance

Detox from technology gives you the time to improve your work-life balance

Digital Detox helps in improving Work-Life Balance by freeing up time which can be used towards learning a new sport or a skill, spending time with family and friends, meditating, and even for adventure.

7. Connect with the outer world

Some of us get so engrossed in work that we fail to notice the events happening around us. Using technology to surf social media, watching the news on TV, or shopping online makes us ignore reality and creates a superficial world around us.

Taking a detox from technology will give you a reality check and make you interact and connect with your surroundings at a deeper level.

8. Connect with friends and relatives

Use the time during Detox from technology to re-connect with family and friends.

Instead of texting and commenting on friends and relatives’ posts, you should meet them in-person to strengthen the bonds and make them feel important. If meeting in person is not an option, then at least a phone call every once in a while can make your bonds stronger.

9. Reduces stress

Digital Detox offers us a chance to take a break from the daily hassles of life and distance ourselves from the stress-causing factors like social media, negative news, Office Emails, and traveling.

Digital Detox therefore not only offers you a chance to improve physical health but also emotional and mental health.

10. More time on hands

Digital Detox gives you more time to do things

Digital Detox frees up a lot of time which can be spent in learning a new skill or running a side hustle. You can also do some social service or teach kids in your free time.

11. Save Money/ Earn money

Digital Detox reduces your electricity consumption, internet data consumption, prevents you from doing unnecessary online shopping, offers you a chance to improve your health, and frees up some time to run a side hustle.

All these things help you in saving money and creating an extra income stream.

12. Relaxes your eyes

Digital Detox helps in relaxing your eyes by reducing the exposure to blue light emitted by digital screens.

Who needs Digital Detox the most?

Anyone can practice digital detox. However, some people need it more than others. Some of the people who should practice Digital Detox are people who work in the IT and Finance industry because their work requires them to continuously stare at the screen.

Students should also practice Digital Detox since these days most of their assignments and studies are done online.

In short, anyone whose work involves too much interaction with tech should take a Detox from technology once in a while. 

Stay at home parents can also take a detox in the sense that they should take some time out from their daily lives and have some “me time”.

Things to do during a Digital Detox

For some people spending time during a Digital Detox can turn out to be a challenge due to their severe addiction to technology.

Some people may find it easier to spend time during a Digital Detox than others. There are several things which you can do during a Digital Detox:

1. Read a book

Read books during a digital detox can help in improving your mental health.

One of the most basic and productive things to do during detox from technology is to read a book. Many times we feel like reading a book but we can’t due to being busy or having more important things to do.

During detox from technology, you can pick up that book from your reading list and read it.

2. Trek/ Hike/ Adventure

A man trekking during a Digital Detox

If you choose to do a Digital Detox of more than 1 day, then you can go for a short trek or hike. Trekking and hiking will not only improve your fitness but will also uplift your mood and reduce stress. 

You can go on an adventure with your family, friends or alone. This activity could prove to be a good use of your Digital Detox time.

3. Go for a drive

If time permits, you can go on a road trip with your friends. One of the best ways to prevent yourself together from using tech during a Digital Detox is to do it in a group. The peer support makes it easier for you to practice the Detox and refrain from using tech.

4. Spend time with family, friends, and relatives

If going out seems too much of pain during a Digital Detox, then you can just spend time with friends, family, and relatives. You can host a party or a game night with your loved ones.

5. Draw

Drawing something during a Detox from tech can free-up your emotions.

You can get creative during a Digital Detox and learn to draw. This could either be just a solo activity or you can join an Art class.

6. Play sports

If you wish to do a Digital Detox for a couple of hours, then the best thing to do is to engage yourself in a sport. Instead of playing an indoor game, you should go out and play. You can also go for a run or for a swim.

7. Develop a hobby

Developing a hobby during Digital Detox

You can invest your time during a Digital Detox into developing a new hobby. You can join a Yoga class, a fitness studio, or some other activity.

It is better to learn something new than just sleep or get bored during your Digital Detox.

8. Workout and/ or Meditate

Meditation during a Digital Detox can improve mental and emotional fitness

If you are going to practice a Digital Detox on a daily basis, then the best thing to do apart from following a hobby is to Workout and meditate.

If you are planning to follow a 1-2 hour Digital Detox daily, then you must invest that time in improving your mental, physical and emotional health.

A 60-minute workout followed by at least a 15-minute meditation is all that you need to improve Health, Fitness, and Wellness.

9. Wellness Retreat

If you have more than 2 days in hand and some extra money to spend, then there is nothing better than going for a Wellness Retreat. 

There are several retreats in almost every country and state which can host you for 3 days. Nothing is better than some wellness time coupled with a spa session.

10. Sleep

Cover up on your sleep during a Digital Detox

If you usually are super busy and sleep-deprived then you must cover-up on your sleep during the Digital Detox. This will help in healing your body and improve your mood.

11. Volunteer

One of the best things to do on Weekends during a Digital Detox is to volunteer and participate in community activities.

If you are a student, then this can be a good addition to your resume and can also help you in expanding your network and grooming your personality.

12. Clean-up your House/ Neighbourhood

If you feel like you don’t have anything to do despite being aware of all the above options, then you can take up the initiative to clean up your house or your neighborhood.

You can organize community clean-up initiatives on weekends and make your community cleaner and healthier.

Steps leading to a successful Digital Detox

There is always a lot of confusion about how to plan a Digital Detox.

Digital Detox is a super simple exercise and in simple terms, it means staying away from technology for the decided period.

All that one is required to do before a Digital Detox is:

  • Turn off Phone Internet and wi-fi
  • Plan ahead and don’t schedule any important calls/ meetings.
  • Keep the things in line: Hobby equipment/ Fitness studio membership/ Book, etc.

It is a very simple process. It simply means doing anything apart from using techs like mobile phones, computers, or watching TV for leisure or informative purposes.

Daily Digital Detox

People think that Digital Detox is a time-consuming activity and that they need at least 1 day to do it. 

This is a very big misconception. 

You can practice Digital Detox for as little as 15 minutes. Several people practice Digital Detox daily. All that you need to do is set a particular time duration in which you will not use any tech and then follow it.

You can start out by not using the phone while eating, or while reading the newspaper. You should also avoid using any tech at least 1 hour before going to bed. During that time you can read a book, stretch or meditate.

Frequency of practicing Digital Detox

As mentioned in the above section, a Digital Detox can be practiced for as small as 15-30 minutes.

You can do a Detox from Technology on a daily basis, on weekends for 5-6 hours, or can go for Wellness Retreats of 5-6 days.

There are some specialized retreats in the world wherein not only tech is banned, but people are also not allowed to converse with each other.


The technology was created to ease human lives, but it has overtaken our lives and made it more complex. A regular dose of Detox from Technology or Digital Detox can bring our lives back on track and transform us the way we are supposed to be.

Digital Detox sounds like too much work, however, in reality, it is a very simple process. It is no different than going swimming for 1 hour and not using tech during that time.  Digital Detox doesn’t require much effort from your side, with the exception being when practiced for more than 1 day.

All the best for your Detox from Technology.

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