Ultimate Guide to Boost Immunity

Ultimate Guide to Boost Immunity

Just like a country regularly focuses on maintaining and improving its defenses, you should also do the same for your body.

The immune system is our body’s first line of defense against any bacterias and viruses. Therefore it becomes imperative to boost our defenses.

Having a strong Immune system will ensure a certain level of safety and resistance to your body against several diseases and infections.

These days we’ve started indulging in several unhealthy practices that hamper the functioning of our body and lead to the accumulation of several toxins in the body.

It is high time that we start focusing on boosting our immunity and adopt healthy life practices to build up resistance against several diseases that have started coming up in recent times.

Why is strong immunity important

Having a strong immunity is very important in the present scenario due to the rise in instances of Virus outbreaks and an increase in pollution levels in cities of the world. 

1. Less health cost

Biggest benefit of boosting immunity is that it reduces your health costs.

Strong Immunity is like insurance against diseases. Being immune to several diseases ensures that your health costs remain low.

A small investment of time and energy coupled with the purchase of healthy food can lead to a large reduction in your life long Health costs.

Following a healthy lifestyle can also motivate those around you to follow you on the path of improved Health, Fitness, and Wellness.

2. Happiness

Strong immunity is a source of happiness amongst people and their family members.

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. By cutting off bad health from the list of worries, you and your well-wishers can be happier.

There is an intertwined effect involved here. Being healthy leads to happiness and happiness promotes health.

One of the biggest sources of unhappiness is health issues in the family and your network. By following a healthy lifestyle and boosting your immunity, you can make yourself and those around you happy.

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3. Less stress related to health issues

Strong immunity leads reduced stress due to medical and health issues amongst people.

Stress is one of the causes of the deterioration of mental health. Stress can be caused by several factors like travel, work, relationships, health, etc.

Striking off one of the major causes of stress from the list can be a big source of relief for the people. The health of your relatives can also impact your mental health, therefore you must try to convince your friends and relatives as well to work towards improving their immunity.

Stress from any source leads to deterioration of health, and deterioration of health leads to stress. Working towards boosting your immunity can be helpful to you in the long run due to less stress.

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4. Longevity

Most of the activities and habits required to boost immunity are also the ones that promote longevity. Following a healthy diet, being physically and mentally active, and following a good sleep schedule can boost immunity and promote longevity.

Living a long life without any lifestyle diseases is not very difficult.

It is a magical combination of “Dedication and Healthy lifestyle”.

5. Divert attention to more pressing issues

A country with higher immunity can divert its resources from health to more important issues.

If everyone puts effort towards boosting their immunity, then the government and administrations can divert their precious time and resources to solve more pressing issues like education, security, and welfare of its citizens.

Most of the developed countries have amazing health infrastructure. However, poor and developing countries still have a long way to cover to create a satisfactory health infrastructure in their countries.

It will be beneficial if poor and developing countries also focus on improving the immunity of their residents and simultaneously move towards creating a better health infrastructure. This is because immunity is your first line of defense against any infection and diseases, and prevention is always better than cure.

How to Boost Immunity?

It is very easy to boost immunity. Anyone who follows the below-mentioned tips can witness an improvement in their immunity. These tips are super easy to follow and require minimal effort.

1. Don’t Smoke

Quit smoking to boost your immunity.

Smoking is probably one of the most harmful things which people can do to themselves.

Quitting smoking can help you in improving your blood oxygen levels and improve blood circulation. 

You can also work toward improving the health and immunity of those around you by avoiding smoking since it will also reduce passive smoking around you.

2. Reduce Drinking

Cut down your alcohol consumption to boost immunity.

Alcohol reduces the white cell’s ability to fight off infections and viruses. Heavy drinkers are at a greater risk to catch diseases like Tuberculosis and Pneumonia. Therefore you should not consume alcohol, and if you do drink alcohol, then you must consume it in moderate amounts.

Drinking alcohol occasionally in moderate amounts is fine, but you should not drink alcohol to suppress stress or work pressure.

3. Increase fruits and vegetable consumption

Consuming fruits and vegetables daily will improve your immunity.

Fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals, help in controlling weight, and maintaining healthy amounts of water in the body.

You should consume fresh fruits and vegetables instead of consuming the canned ones, or drinking the packed juices.

Several fruits and vegetables contain Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which is very helpful in boosting immunity.

4. Increase intake of Vitamin C fruits, ginger, garlic

Amongst the fruits which you should consume, you must particularly increase the consumption of fruits which have ample amounts of Vitamin C.

Some of the most common sources of Vitamin C are oranges and Lemons. 

You should also eat Garlic, Ginger, and Almonds on a daily basis.

5. Meditate daily

Daily meditation helps with boosting immunity since it can improve your Mental and Emotional Health.

Daily meditation serves as an effective tool to manage stress and improve awareness. It improves mental health and increases blood oxygen levels.

Meditation makes you mentally and emotionally stronger, something which is essential to fight with diseases and infections.

You should ideally meditate for 15 minutes, twice daily: once after waking up in the morning and once before sleeping at night.

6. Have ample sleep

Sleeping for 6 to 8 hours daily can boost your immunity.

The Human body carries out major repair and growth functions when we sleep. Getting a night of proper sleep can not only ensure that growth functions are carried out smoothly, but also that you get an ample amount of rest.

You must try to sleep before 12 at night and wake up before 7 in the morning.

You should sleep in the range of 6-8 hours average daily. Anything beyond this range is not good for your health in the long term.

7. Exercise (Be physically active)

Engage in fitness activities daily to improve your physical fitness and immunity.

Exercising daily not only improves your physical fitness but also promotes several body functions which can boost your immunity.

Exercising regularly for 40-60 minutes can decrease your chances of developing heart diseases, and improve your cardiovascular functions.

Engaging in fitness activities on a regular basis is an indicator of the high motivation within you. This motivation is just one of the things which you need to fight off diseases.

8. Reduce stress to boost immunity

Practice stress management techniques to improve your immunity.

Stress is one of the biggest causes of mental illnesses. The stress hormone can also suppress the effectiveness of our immune system.

The state of mind has a direct impact on our body and therefore a healthy mind is necessary for a healthy body.

You must follow stress management practices on a regular basis to keep stress at low levels. Some of the best ways to manage stress and reduce its impact on our body are meditation, socializing, following a hobby, engaging in fitness activities, following a healthy diet, not accepting excessive work responsibilities, etc.

9. Drink Hot water daily, avoid drinking cold water

Drinking hot water flushes the toxins accumulated in our body and improves the functioning of the endocrine system. Drinking hot water also promotes fat loss and relaxes our muscles. You must avoid drinking very cold water since drinking it can cause a mismatch in the body temperature and contact your blood vessels.

You should also drink warm water with honey and lemon in the morning to promote digestion and clear off the toxins from the body.

10. Have some Sun time in the morning

Spend around 15 minutes in sunlight daily to improve your immunity.

Exposure to sunlight can improve your mood and improve your sleep patterns. Sunlight also helps in activating the Vitamin D present in our body.

Sunlight has been traditionally considered as a source of life and it helps in energizing infection-fighting cells. Therefore 10-15 minutes of exposure to sunlight can help in boosting your immunity.

11. Maintain Personal Hygiene to boost immunity

Maintain personal hygiene to make sure that you don't cash any disease or flu.

We interact with people, touch several things, and get exposed to outside surroundings on a regular basis. This can expose us to dust and several germs.

Therefore, maintaining proper personal hygiene by wearing clean clothes, bathing properly, and regularly washing hands can prevent us from several diseases.

If there is an outbreak of the virus in your area/ country then you should stop going outside for unnecessary work and wear face masks while going outside.

12. Get vaccinated and go for annual health check-ups

Get vaccinated to protect yourself from diseases and boost immunity.

One of the best and the easiest ways to develop immunity against a particular disease is to get vaccinated for that disease. Everyone must get vaccinated as per the schedule provided by their doctors to boost immunity.

Going for annual health checkups can also help you in detecting any health complications which might be present in your body.

13. Drink Green Tea to boost immunity

Drinking green tea daily can boost your immunity and increase your life span.

Green tea is rich in certain anti-oxidants which are efficient in fighting infectious diseases.

Chamomile Green Tea is known to boost body immunity.

Green Tea, in general, is a healthier alternative to tea, coffee, and energy drinks.

14. Laugh more

Laugh more to boost your immunity and mental health.

Laughing more is one of the best ways to improve mood and reduce stress.

In the long term, positive thoughts brought upon by laughter can lead to the release of neuropeptides, which are helpful in boosting immunity and other serious illnesses.


There are several things that you can add to your daily schedule to boost your immunity.

By doing very basic things like drinking warm water, maintaining personal hygiene and consuming a good diet of fruits and vegetables can boost your immunity

Improving immunity is not rocket science. Anyone can do it, but what you need is some discipline in following a healthy lifestyle.

Developing a strong immunity in present times is very essential due to the rising instances of new diseases coming up every now and then. The only way to protect yourself from these diseases is to have a strong immunity since it takes several years to develop a vaccine against any disease.

If your daily life is characterized by:

  1. Stress
  2. Unhealthy eating
  3. Improper sleep cycle, or
  4. Lack of physical activities

….then your body might face difficulties in fighting off with diseases and infections.

Get active, get moving, and get healthy to boost your immunity

All the best.

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