Reduce stress “the SUPERHERO way”

Stress is a force.

A limited amount of it can yield positive results.

Excess of it can break things.

Stress in limited quantities can motivate us to improve our productivity and performance.

Excess stress can lead to Physical, Mental, and Emotional changes.

All of us face stress at almost all stages in life: University, Work, and Relationships. 

It is beneficial to learn about stress management techniques to improve performance and avoid deterioration of health during highly stressful times.

5 Best ways to reduce stress

Following are the 5 ways to reduce stress which work in all the situations: be it related to education, work, or relationships:

1. Rule of 478

Breathing exercises recommended by Wellness Yoda to reduce stress are very effective.

This is a highly effective and simple way to reduce stress instantly. It involves a simple breathing exercise:

  • Breath in through nostrils for 4 seconds.
  • Hold the air for the next 7 seconds.
  • Release the air through nostrils for the nest 8 seconds.

This exercise:

  • Calms the nerves and mind.
  • Improves the oxygen level in blood.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.

The exercise should be done at least 5 times:

  • Before taking an important decision at work (or life in general).
  • When experiencing stress and anxiety.
  • When feeling burned out at work.
  • When feeling angry.

This is a highly effective exercise and reduces stress instantly. It costs nothing to practice, but the results are effective

2. Laugh

Laughing is the best way to reduce stress temporarily.

Laughing while under stress can reduce stress.

Whenever you find yourself under extreme pressure or workload, then you must watch a comedy video or just laugh. At that moment, laughing will reduce your stress and will momentarily make you forget about your worries and workload.

Laughing is not a permanent solution to stress and workload, but it can instantly help you feel better. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins: the body’s feel-good chemicals and promotes an overall sense of happiness.

3. Meditation

Daily meditation in morning and evening will reduce stress.

Meditation is a long term solution to your stress and anxiety issues.

Meditation is one of the best ways to manage stress, calm mind, and manage thoughts.

You should meditate twice daily: once in the morning after waking up and once before sleeping at night for at least 15 minutes each.

You can meditate during the day as well: at the workplace, college, or even while traveling.

4. Wellness Vacations

A person going for a wellness vacation for stress management

Wellness vacations are vacations that promote Health, Fitness, and Wellness.

These vacations can be super effective in introducing you to a new lifestyle: a healthy and sustainable one.

While a 7-day Wellness Vacation is less likely to reduce your stress for the long term, but these vacations can teach you some very effective Stress Management techniques.

If you don’t want to spend time and money on a Wellness vacation, then you can have an at-home retreat on weekends at your place.

Wellness Vacations are amazing. Read more about them here.

5. Full body massages

Going for full body massages on a regular basis can reduce stress.

Full body massages and Ayurveda Massages can be very helpful in reducing stress and muscle fatigue and increasing the energy flow in the body.

If you work under extreme work pressure and stress, then you must go for a Massage at least once per quarter.

Full body massages deliver amazing de-stressing and relaxing experiences and you must try them at least once before making them a regular addition to your lifestyle.


A moderate amount of stress can be motivating, however, experiencing a moderate amount of stress from several sources can be harmful to people.

It is always advised to practice Stress Management techniques and to get help from professional counselors in case the situation goes out of hand.

This post highlights the 5 most effective ways to tackle stress. Everyone must be aware of these 5 ways to manage stress since they are easy to learn and practice.

You can read a more comprehensive guide to Stress Management here.

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