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The ultimate guide to avoid Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle diseases are diseases that are linked to the way people live their lives and the type of lifestyle which they follow. A person can avoid lifestyle diseases if they lead a healthy lifestyle.

The most common reasons for the occurrence of lifestyle diseases are smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating fast food, and doing drugs. People who have a poor track record of physical exercise and unhealthy eating can also suffer from lifestyle diseases.

In a nutshell, we can say that Lifestyle diseases are caused due to the health-damaging choices which we make in our daily lives. Lifestyle diseases were a rare occurrence in the past because people used to engage in physical activities on a regular basis and used to eat healthy food. Fast forward to today: we can get almost anything delivered at home with the click of a button, we have plenty of unhealthy food choices, and almost no motivation to engage in fitness activities.

The most common types of Lifestyle diseases include Cardiac issues, Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Hypertension.

Things to do to avoid Lifestyle Diseases

Today’s lifestyle choices have led to a fall in our health expectancy (number of years we remain healthy). We tend to get sick at around the age of 40 years. While our life expectancy is increasing, our health expectancy is falling: thanks to our lifestyle.

Working people are the most likely to suffer from Lifestyle diseases. They usually experience an enormous amount of stress and anxiety. Most of them drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes to suppress stress and work-pressure. They follow bad eating habits due to lack of time and usually refrain from engaging in fitness activities due to lack of energy.

You can avoid Lifestyle diseases by following the below-mentioned tips on a regular basis:

1. Avoid fast food

A plate with burger, French fries, dips.

Fast food contains lots of preservatives, salt, sugar, and oil. Consuming fast food is the most common reason for Type 2 diabetes and obesity. Consuming fast food increases blood pressure and cholesterol levels, hence increasing the risk of heart attack amongst people.

Therefore one of the best things you can do to avoid falling into the trap of lifestyle diseases is to avoid or minimize the consumption of fast food.

2. Reduce sugar, salt, and soda consumption

A container of White Sugar and Common Salt.

Sugar is as bad as tobacco. Prevent drinking sodas and cold drinks. Several companies sell sugar water and market them as a “bottle of happiness”. Don’t fall into their marketing gimmicks. Soda in any form is bad. Even packaged fruit juices are bad for health. Prefer natural and fresh foods over packaged foods whenever possible.

You should also avoid drinking too many energy drinks.

3. Quit smoking and drink in moderation

Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption to improve health

Each time you smoke a cigarette, you increase your chances of early death. Cigarettes also harm people around you by the way of passive smoking.

Avoid drinking alcohol on a daily basis. Drinking alcohol at parties in moderation is fine, but never drink alcohol to suppress stress or work pressure.

4. Don’t stress

Don't take too much stress otherwise you will suffer from lifestyle diseases.

Moderate stress is good. But moderate stress from several sources makes it bad and impacts your health and longevity. Use stress management techniques to reduce stress and improve mental health. Having the right mindset can improve your chances of longevity.

You can either avoid activities that cause stress or practice stress management activities to increase resilience against stress.

5. Follow a proper sleep cycle

Follow a proper sleep cycle daily to improve mental and emotional health.

Our body performs several growth and repair functions while we sleep. Getting inadequate sleep can cause hypertension, high blood pressure, and reduce our productivity. Therefore having a sound 7-hour sleep is a must. We should always try to wake up before 7 am, even on weekends.

Several people practice the 5 am routine in which they sleep early so that they can wake up at 5 am. This routine leaves them with an ample amount of time for exercising, meditating, and working.

6. Meditate and Exercise daily

A man exercising in the morning to avoid lifestyle diseases.

Meditation promotes mental health and exercising helps with physical fitness. Moderate forms of exercise can promote cardiac and muscle health. (Lift weights, go for jogging, full-body stretching). 15 minutes of meditation combined with 45 minutes of physical exercise on a regular basis can do wonders for your health.

7. Go for a walk after eating meals

A man going for a walk after dinner to avoid lifestyle diseases.

Going for a walk after having heavy meals helps with the digestion process. You should never lie down after having a meal, especially on the side of your stomach.

You should try and complete 5K steps daily.

8. Go for annual health checkups

You should go for annual health checkups to detect any lifestyle diseases.

Go for medical checkups every year. Several organizations these days pay for their employee’s vaccines and health checkups. These health checkups can be really helpful in pointing out any complications in body functioning.

9. Drink Green Tea

Drink green tea daily to improve health and wellness.

Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. It improves brain functioning and promotes fat loss. Japanese people drink a lot of green tea and they have one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world. Cut down on the consumption of regular tea and coffee and increase the consumption of Green Tea.


The above-mentioned tips to avoid lifestyle diseases can be used by anyone of any age. These days there is no minimum age at which people can get diagnosed with lifestyle diseases. The only way to avoid these diseases is to follow a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Following the above-mentioned tips will not only help you in avoiding lifestyle diseases but also increase your health span and life span. 
By following the above ways to avoid lifestyle diseases, you can also save lots of money which otherwise would’ve been spent on health expenses.

Have a healthy life.

Stay happy! Stay healthy!

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