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10 signs you need a Wellness Massage

Many people think that getting a massage is a luxury.

They think that massages are for special occasions.

On the contrary, more and more people are getting massages on a regular basis to fight off muscle fatigue, stress, and body pain.

Massages are no longer a luxury service and many people are getting massages to improve their Health and Wellness.

Some people go for body massages once per month, some go for them every quarter, and some prefer massages every 6 months. 

How do you know that you need to get a massage? 
What signs you should be paying attention to, to realize that you need a massage?

Well, if you experience any of the below-mentioned signs, then it is time for you to go for a massage.

Signs you need a Wellness Massage

Massages are and have been around for several years and have started gaining importance during recent times: mostly due to the Wellness revolution started by the Corporate Wellness Programs.

Below are the most common signs which indicate that you are in need of a Wellness Massage.

1. You are stressed

Go for a Wellness Massage when you are stressed. Massages help in de-stressing and rejuvenating us.

Stress is something that all of us experience at some point in time.

Moderate stress is good, but moderate stress from several sources is bad for physical, mental, and emotional health.

Whenever you feel extreme amounts of stress from work, relationships, studies, etc, then you should book a massage.

There are several types of massage and you should consult the masseuse before booking a massage appointment.

While it is very difficult to reduce stress, one of the best ways to manage stress is by practicing stress management techniques. Massage is one of the most effective methods to reduce stress instantly.

2. You are experiencing headaches

Wellness Massages help in reducing headaches

If you’ve started getting frequent headaches, then it is a sign that you might be highly stressed or in tension and that you might need a Massage.

Headaches are more often than not caused due to work pressure and improper lifestyle.

The pain usually starts with the neck and shoulders, and then slowly triggers pain in the head. 

You can relieve yourself from headaches by scheduling a normal massage or even better: an ayurvedic massage. Massages can be really helpful in reducing the frequency of chronic headaches.

3. You have low energy levels

Wellness massages can increase energy flow within your body

Are you feeling low on energy?

If yes, then you must go for a massage.

One of the most common reasons for low energy is burnout due to work or study.

Many people work for long hours only to realize later that working for long hours leads to a reduction in productivity and energy.

You must book a massage if you experience low energy levels.

4. You can’t sleep at night

Go for a Wellness Massage if you can't sleep at night or experience insomnia.

Are you finding it difficult to fall asleep at night?

You are more likely to get a night of proper sleep if you go for a massage since a massage relaxes your muscles and relaxed muscles allow for deep sleep.

Massages also promote blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue, which in turn leads to better sleep.

5. You follow a sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle can be corrected with the help of proper wellness treatments

Most of us have desk jobs or have to study for long hours while sitting in one place.

Such type of sedentary lifestyle is not good for our bodies since it can lead to poor posture, increased muscle fatigue, and reduced blood flow in the body.

If you are someone who doesn’t exercise much and leads a sedentary lifestyle, then you must go for a Massage.

Massages will improve the flexibility of your muscles, improve your blood flow, and correct your body posture.

People working in Finance, Legal, Admin, and tech roles should go for massages on a quarterly basis

6. You have a poor posture

Poor posture and several body pains can be corrected through regular wellness massages

Poor posture is a result of a sedentary lifestyle which eventually leads to poor muscle strength.

One of the best ways to improve the posture, add flexibility to muscles, and improve blood flow in the neck and back region is to go for massages regularly.

There are special types of massages that can help with improving posture and muscle flexibility.

7. You often get sick

Read blogs to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Massages lead to an improvement in body immunity by flushing out toxins, improving blood flow, and increasing the activity of white blood cells in the body.

If you fall sick often, then you should go for full-body massages at least once per quarter. 

Note: You must consult your doctor before booking an appointment with a masseuse.

8. You are having a bad mood

Wellness massages uplift your mood and can help with anger management

Massages reduce stress hormones and increase the endorphin levels in the body. This can help in uplifting your mood and increasing happiness levels.

Massages are a great way to relax, de-stress, and rejuvenate.

9. You haven’t had one since last 1 year

Go for a Wellness massage once every year.

You should have a full body massage at least once per year since it is good for your health.

It helps in relieving stress and fatigue from muscles, improves the blood flow in the body, and uplifts your mood.

10. You deserve it

Go for a Wellness Massages because you deserve to get one

You should go for a massage because you deserve it. Several times, we get so engrossed in our work and family responsibilities that we forget to take care of ourselves.

Self-care is one of the best things which you can do to yourself. 

Therefore whenever you feel low or are going through a crisis in your life, you should treat yourself with a full body massage. This will not only lift your mood but also reduce the cortisol levels in your body.


Massages offer people an opportunity to de-stress and rejuvenate.

Massages are no longer a luxury and people are opting for them more than ever due to their effectiveness in improving health, reducing body pain, and uplifting mood.

You must have a massage at least once per year, and then depending on your lifestyle, you can have them monthly and quarterly as well.

Full body massages can help you in improving the state of your mind, body, and spirit and improve your health and wellness.

There are several types of massages ranging from Sports massages to Swedish Massages to Ayurvedic Massages. 

You must consult the masseuse before booking the type of massage as per your requirements and issues.

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